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Astronomy Events of 2016

The Phoenix: Interesting Astronomy Events of This Year

I have always been trying to get my kids to love learning, especially in math and science, which is always tough when kids just want to run around and play with sticks. It was tough getting them to sit down and listen while I explained something, especially if it was something that didn’t have to do with an animal or a bug that they could touch and see. But then I finally turned them around and got them really pumped about learning when I explained that we would be going to see a meteor shower. They had never heard of such a thing, and it sounded so fascinating that they listened with rapt attention when I was explaining it. They, of course, did not believe that such a thing could really happen, but they came with me to a dark field at night and we sat there and waited. Eventually, they started to fall, and I saw their little eyes fill up with wonder and awe and amazement. It really got them to see why learning about science and about why things happen can be so beautiful and enriching in life. Our friend who owns a Phoenix SEO company was with us, and knows that the web would be alive with posts about the meteors on this night.

But perhaps the most impactful event happened a few weeks ago with the solar eclipse of August 2017. The idea that the moon could completely and even artistically block the sun and cause the skies to go dark was enlightening to my kids, and myself as well. I can see how our ancestors would spend hours staring at the sky, pondering our place in the universe. I need more times like these, and so do my kids.

The Kitchen Resurfacing Owner and The Solar Eclipse

As a mother who cares about her children’s education and upbringing, I am always looking for fun educational activities to bring them to. Usually, this means a lot of children’s museum trips and natural history museum tours, but when there is a real natural event out there that I can bring them to I am always on top of it if it is at all possible to get there. So when I heard that there would be a solar eclipse a couple states away, I knew that I had to get there. I took a couple days off work and pulled my kids out of school – they even brought some friends. I felt a little bad for that poor teacher but witnessing a solar eclipse is a much better education than sitting in a stuffy old classroom for another two days. In any case, it took us six or eight hours to drive there, but it wasn’t so bad all things considered. When we got there, we sat out in an open field in a town park and waited for the solar eclipse. When it happened, it was magical, and the look of awe and wonder was something to behold. There was a gentleman from Arizona that owns a kitchen and bath resurfacing company (Bravo Resurfacing) who brought his boy, and we hung out together and watched this historic event unfold. It’s not every day that you get to see an eclipse, so the next time one comes around, be sure to be part of it!

Fascinating Astronomy Events Make Great Family Activities

I have almost never had a better time with my son and daughter than the time we went to view a meteor shower a couple months ago. I heard about it from an astronomy blog and twitter account that I follow a lot because I really like to keep up on the way that astronomy is around us. In any case, when I heard there was going to be a meteor shower nearby I knew I had to take my son and daughter out to it. We went out to a dark field with a picnic blanket. The field had been carefully prepared, as I learned from this website. We sat there for nearly four hours, and about two hours into it we started to see them. There’s always just a couple at first, and then they start coming faster and faster until they’re just about everywhere. It’s a little sad when they start to peter out after a couple hours, but my son and my daughter were both sound asleep by then. It seemed like they really had a magical time, and I really felt like a great mother for having been able to show them the natural beauty of the Universe in such an easy way.

How I Keep on Top of the Most Interesting Astronomy Events of 2016

I am an amateur astronomer, and even though my telescope is not very expensive or fancy I still like to follow along with everything that happens in the world of astronomy. I regularly check a large number of blogs to make sure that I know all of what is going on in the world of astronomy – one of my favorite blogs is the NASA blog, since they know all about space and they frequently post updates about where and when you can go to see a really cool astronomy event.

One of my greatest memories is when I was a kid my parents took me halfway across the country just so that I could see a solar eclipse. It was simply amazing to watch the moon blot out the son for just a little while, and I will remember it forever. I know that when I have kids I will take them to see the same kind of event – it seems like something that everyone should do at least once or a couple times. It’s definitely a great vacation idea or family fun activity as long as there is a solar eclipse that you can get to.

Reading On Facebook About Interesting Astronomy Events Of 2016

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when I came across an article about interesting astronomy events of 2016. I found lots of information about the events that have already happened and the ones that are coming up. I find it really interesting to read about this kind of stuff. When I am bored and don’t have anything to do I know I can always find an interesting article on Facebook to read. But the astronomy events really intrigue me. I read that article and then several others about these events. I am very interested in learning how everything works and the events that take place. Facebook knows these are my favorite articles to read because they always have them on my suggestions. I have a hard time putting my phone down once I start reading about events like this. I could read for hours about different types of astronomy events. I learn a lot when I read these articles and I like to be the person that knows these things. I have learned so much by reading articles on Facebook that are about these events and when and why they happen.

Hello fellow astronomers!

Hi there – my name is Charles and I’m an avid astronomer. I’ve got an amazing Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector telescope, and really love being outside and exploring the sky. I have some friends that are getting interested, and wanted to know more, so I thought I would direct them to this blog, with the hopes of helping them learn more, as well as anyone else that comes across my articles!

One of the questions that has come up is, “what are some of the notable astronomy events of this year (2016)”? If you’re an amateur astronomer or even just someone who likes to look at stars every now and again, then it is highly important to keep on top and aware of what the most fascinating astronomy events of each year are. There are a number of different astronomical events that you can experience, some with a telescope and some without any sort of telescope. One of the most common astronomical events that happens pretty frequently is a meteor shower. To see most meteor showers, you will have to be in a place with very low levels of light pollution, so you can not simply just watch them from your backyard.

Because of this, you will have to make plans a couple days in advance. Another popular kind of astronomical event to observe is a comet passing by the Earth, as some comets may only pass by the Earth once every couple of hundred years, so it is a rare opportunity to be able to see one. You will usually need a telescope for this unless they are passing very close to the Earth for one reason or another as sometimes happens.