I have almost never had a better time with my son and daughter than the time we went to view a meteor shower a couple months ago. I heard about it from an astronomy blog and twitter account that I follow a lot because I really like to keep up on the way that astronomy is around us. In any case, when I heard there was going to be a meteor shower nearby I knew I had to take my son and daughter out to it. We went out to a dark field with a picnic blanket. The field had been carefully prepared, as I learned from this website. We sat there for nearly four hours, and about two hours into it we started to see them. There’s always just a couple at first, and then they start coming faster and faster until they’re just about everywhere. It’s a little sad when they start to peter out after a couple hours, but my son and my daughter were both sound asleep by then. It seemed like they really had a magical time, and I really felt like a great mother for having been able to show them the natural beauty of the Universe in such an easy way.