I am an amateur astronomer, and even though my telescope is not very expensive or fancy I still like to follow along with everything that happens in the world of astronomy. I regularly check a large number of blogs to make sure that I know all of what is going on in the world of astronomy – one of my favorite blogs is the NASA blog, since they know all about space and they frequently post updates about where and when you can go to see a really cool astronomy event.

One of my greatest memories is when I was a kid my parents took me halfway across the country just so that I could see a solar eclipse. It was simply amazing to watch the moon blot out the son for just a little while, and I will remember it forever. I know that when I have kids I will take them to see the same kind of event – it seems like something that everyone should do at least once or a couple times. It’s definitely a great vacation idea or family fun activity as long as there is a solar eclipse that you can get to.