I have always been trying to get my kids to love learning, especially in math and science, which is always tough when kids just want to run around and play with sticks. It was tough getting them to sit down and listen while I explained something, especially if it was something that didn’t have to do with an animal or a bug that they could touch and see. But then I finally turned them around and got them really pumped about learning when I explained that we would be going to see a meteor shower. They had never heard of such a thing, and it sounded so fascinating that they listened with rapt attention when I was explaining it. They, of course, did not believe that such a thing could really happen, but they came with me to a dark field at night and we sat there and waited. Eventually, they started to fall, and I saw their little eyes fill up with wonder and awe and amazement. It really got them to see why learning about science and about why things happen can be so beautiful and enriching in life. Our friend who owns a Phoenix SEO company was with us, and knows that the web would be alive with posts about the meteors on this night.

But perhaps the most impactful event happened a few weeks ago with the solar eclipse of August 2017. The idea that the moon could completely and even artistically block the sun and cause the skies to go dark was enlightening to my kids, and myself as well. I can see how our ancestors would spend hours staring at the sky, pondering our place in the universe. I need more times like these, and so do my kids.